Incorporation of Visio Group

KINGSTON, JAMAICA (Sunday, September 1, 2019) — Visio Group International Corporation (hereafter known as Visio Group) has been formed as a Closed Corporation and filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation [File Number: 7561958] in the State of Delaware, the United States of America as of August 14, 2019. Visio Group will function as the International Office of the company and will facilitate international strategy and operations for partners and subsidiaries.

Visio is a hybrid consulting agency that connects companies with partners, experts, and insights from our solutions ecosystem. We help clients achieve business agility by elevating the customer experience, developing leadership and optimizing operations.

The word ‘Visio’ is Latin for ‘The Vision’: “having the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” Visio is reimagining work-life in the Caribbean driven by service excellence. We envision the Caribbean where people are empowered to do their best work and succeed; workplaces are service-focused, and leaders build businesses, organizations and institutions that meet the Region’s demands and maximise its potential.

Since 2014, we have offered multidisciplinary consulting and business solutions spanning psychology and counselling, education, business, tech, healthcare, and public administration. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, executives in government and non-profit organisations (NPOs), educators and students. With a growing team of diverse, experienced, and values-driven professionals, as well as a service-focused philosophy, we help clients deliver practical solutions that enable their vision and drive positive business outcomes.

Welcome to Visio; we’re glad you’re along for the journey!

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