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Visio is a hybrid consulting agency and ‘total solutions provider’ for Caribbean Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). We connect clients with insights, expertise, and services from our partner ecosystem. As a hybrid consulting agency, we create a nexus between external perspectives and internal operations, using industry insights, international standards, and best practices to optimise the internal capabilities of SMBs. As a total solutions provider, we help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale sustainable businesses by managing mission-critical operations, enabling clients to focus on their core business.

Our core value propositions are solutions that work, capability on-demand and consulting excellence.

Founder’s Story

Visio is the brainchild of Mark-Odean Grant, a Jamaican entrepreneur who is on a mission to help Caribbean Visionaries cultivate wellbeing and leverage it to do impactful work. From a young age, he built a dynamic career in healthcare finance, people development and consulting. 

Mark started my first business right out of high school, selling snacks as a project for his Principles of Accounts class. Coupled with experience working in his uncle’s grocery store, Mark was inspired to build a business to earn on his terms. He could not get a job nor pay for college, so he dived into the world of entrepreneurship. His initial experience in business was a failure! In Mark’s own words, “Boy, did I fail and miserably – so many times and at so many different things”.

But failures aren’t the end. When you learn to start again and again, failures, though disappointing and costly, serve as invaluable life and business lessons

Mark-Odean Grant

Since then, Mark has created five different businesses, including a graphics design service, computer sales and repairs, tutoring and research assistance, vitamin sales and two failed attempts at network marketing. After three failed businesses, five start-ups, ten years of corporate work and eighteen years of formal education, he has packaged my learning experiences, a host of strategic alliances, and disruptive solutions to help Caribbean Visionaries move from concept to concrete. This is Mark’s founding story; to empower creatives, entrepreneurs, founders – people with great aspirations, big dreams, and innovations – to succeed and do their best work.

Welcome to Visio, we’re glad you’re coming along for the journey!

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